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2014 – 2018
The Township of Severn is governed by a seven-member elected Council. Council is comprised of a Mayor and Deputy Mayor, elected at large by the whole Township, and five Ward Councillors.
Council meets on the first Thursday of each month.  Our Council Chambers are located at the Township of Severn  Administration Centre, 1024 Hurlwood Lane, Severn Township.  Meetings commence at 7:00 pm, and members of the public are most welcome to attend.   The Mayor and Deputy Mayor are also appointed to sit on Simcoe County Council, along with the other Heads of Council from the 16 municipalities that comprise the County of Simcoe.

Mayor – 705-345-2337

Deputy Mayor – 705-835-2969

Councillor Ward 1 – 705-686-3210

Councillor Ward 2 – 705-835-3024

Councillor Ward 3 – 705-326-4886

Councillor Ward 4 – 705-689-5305

Councillor Ward 5 – 705-689-3594

All members of Council sit on the Planning and Development Committee and the Corproate Services Committee.
Planning and Development Committee  meetings are held on the third Thursday of the month at 7:00 p.m.  and deal  with land use planning and development matters including Official Plan  and Zoning Bylaw Amendments.  Deputations regarding planning and  development proposals are held at Planning and Development Committee meetings.
Corporate Services Committeee  meetings are held on the fourth Wednesday  of the month and  deal with all corporate matters of Administration, including Finance, Human Resources, Recreation, and Public Works.  Corporate Services Meetings are held in the Council  Chambers of the Administration Building.
Council meetings  are held on the first Thursday of the each month in the Council  Chambers of the Administration Building at 1024 Hurlwood Lane, Severn Township.   Deputations by residents concerning relevant Council items are held  during Council meetings. 
Culture and Recreation Advisory Committee meetings are held on the second Tuesday , bi-monthly at 7:00 p.m. to recommend to Council matters with respect to recreational needs within the Township of Severn.
Click here to find out how to make a deputation to Council.  
Closed meetings  of Council may be held to discuss confidential matters  without the public present.  Closed session items include the following, security of public property, personnel matters, acquisition and sale of land, labour relations,  litigation or potential litigation matters, solicitor/client privilege and intergovernmental affairs matter.
Special  Council, Planning Committee or Corporate Services Committee meetings may be called  at any time by the Mayor to deal with matters of an urgent nature.   Forty-eight hours notice is required, except in the case of a disaster.