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Township of Severn

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Custom Pumper Tender
​RFP REC 2017 - 03 Uhthoff Trail Gates

Addendum 1 RFP REC 2017 - 03 Uhthoff Trail Gates

Addendum 2 RFP REC 2017 - 03 Uhthoff Trail Gates

Addendum 3 RFP REC 2017 - 03 Uhthoff Trail Gates

Addendum 4 RFP REC 2017 - 03 Uhthoff Trail Gates

​PW2017-05 Phase 2 Division Road Reconstruction​PW2017-05 - Unofficial Results
​PW2017-06 Low Sulphur Diesel Fuel​Addendum 1 - PW2017-06 Low Sulphur Diesel FuelPW2017-06 Unofficial Results
​PW2017-07  Winter Sand Street Sweeping​Addendum 1 - PW2017-07 Winter Sand Sweeping​PW2017-07 -Unofficial Results
​PW2017-08 Crushed Gravel​PW2017-08 -Unofficial Results
​PW2017-09 Craddock Street Sidewalk Re-Construction​PW2017-09 Unofficial Results
​PW2017-10 Hot Mix Paving Various LocationsPW2017-10 Unofficial Results
​PW2017-11 Road PulverizingPW2017-11 Unofficial Results
​PW2017-12 Line Painting Various Locations

​Addendum 1 - PW2017-12 Line Painting

Addendum 2 - PW2017-12 Line Painting

PW2017-12 Unofficial Results
​PW2017-13 Irish Line Closed Drain​Addendum 1 - PW2017-13 Irish Line Closed DrainPW2017-13 Unofficial Results
​PW2017-14 Brodie Drive Culvert Replacement PW2017-14 Unofficial Results
​PW2017-15 Double High FloatPW2017-15 Unofficial Results
​PW2017-16 Slurry SealPW2017-16 Unofficial Results
​RFQ REC 2017 - 02 Playground Borders and SurfacingAddendum 1 RFQ REC 2017-02 Playground Borders and EWF
​PW2017-03 Culvert Replacement Engineering Services​Addendum 1 PW2017-03 Culvert Replacement Engineering ServicesPW2017-03 - Unofficial Results
REC RFQ 2017 03 Ditching on Uhthoff Trail