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Township of Severn

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​​​​Clerk's Department​​​​​​​​​​

Petitions to Council

That every petition filed with the Clerk and designed to be presented to Council or Committee shall be legibly written or printed, shall not contain any obscene or improper matter or language, shall be signed and dated by at least one contact person (including contact information), shall include original signatures and shall include address and telephone numbers where return correspondence is to be directed and shall become part of the public record of the meeting at which it is received

Closed Meeting Investigator

Under Section 239.1 of the Municipal Act, a person may request that an investigation of whether a municipality or local board has complied with Section 239 of the Act or a Procedural By-law under Subsection 238(2) in respect of a meeting or part of a meeting that was closed to the public be undertaken by an investigator appointed by the municipality or an Ombudsman if the municipality has not appointed an investigator. The Township of Severn has appointed LAS Investigator as the Closed Meeting Investigator for the municipality.


The duties of the investigator are to investigate in an independent manner on a complaint made to him or her by any person, whether the municipality or local board has complied with Section 239 of the Municipal Act or a Procedural By-law in respect of a meeting or part of a meeting that was closed to the public and to report on the investigation.


If you wish to request the investigator to review closed meeting procedures for the Township of Severn for a particular meeting, please complete the prescribed form and submit same to the investigator. You may also contact the Municipal Clerk for clarification on the procedures during closed meetings.

Investigator Program Brochure 2020

Purbrook Creek Municipal Drain Maintenance

Collection of Personal Information


Commissioning of Oaths

The Clerk's Department provides the service of Commission of Oaths for all municipal documents. 

Documents from other agencies may also be commissioned for a fee under the Township's Fees & Charges By-law. Please ensure that you bring a current photo ID with you.​​

Delegations or Correspondence to Council/Committees

If you wish to appear as a delegation before Council or Committees, all appointments are reviewed and approved by the Clerk's Office. In order to be scheduled for a delegation, members of the public are required to complete a Deputation Request Form​​ and submit the request to the Clerk. All requests for delegations must be accompanied by a specific detailed outline of the subject matter to be presented prior to the agenda deadline. Please refer to the Request for Deputation Form for procedures at the meeting. All requests must be received prior to the agenda deadline of 12:00 noon on the Thursday prior to the Council Meeting.

Committee / Council Agendas 

Personal information collected for the Council/Committee Agendas is collected in accordance with the Municipal Freedom of Information & Privacy Act. The Township requires this information to enable it to make informed decisions on relevant issues. If you are submitting correspondence to the Township, you should be aware that your name, street location and the fact that you communicated with the Township may become part of the public record and appear on the Township’s website, unless you expressly request the Township to remove it. The Township will also make your communication available to the public. If you require additional information, please contact the Clerk’s Department at (705) 325-2315 – Ext. 232 or sgoerke@townshipofsevern.com



The next municipal election will be held Monday, October 22, 2018. 

Fence Viewers (Line Fences Act)

The Line Fences Act is a provincial statute www.e-laws.gov.on.ca administered by the municipality and provides for arbitration of a dispute between two or more neighbours. Neighbours often disagree about matters affecting their property boundary line. Fences are one of the most common sources.  Municipal officials have always been called upon to assist taxpayers in regard to fences and this role is recognized and defined in the Line Fences Act.   Owners who want to erect a new fence on their boundary line or who want to repair or reconstruct an existing fence that is falling down have three choices: 

  1.        Come to an agreement on the work that is to be done and share the cost;

   2.         Do the work themselves entirely at their own expense;

   3.         Have the matter arbitrated under the provisions of the Line Fences Act. 

The Act establishes a principle that, if a landowner wants a line fence to mark the boundary between his or her land and the property of an adjoining owner, that the landowner is entitled to construct a fence on the boundary line. If, however, if neither owner wants a line fence, no fence is necessary.  The basic purpose of the Act is to provide a local procedure for arbitrating a disagreement between two neighbouring landowners where one owner wants to construct, repair or maintain a fence on their common boundary, but is unable to reach an agreement with the other owner on  the type of fence to be erected, or  the sharing of costs of the fence, or both of the above issues. 

 All applications are required to be submitted to the Clerk for processing.  Under Township By-law, no arbitration hearings will be scheduled between November 1st and March 31st annually.​​​

Land Purchase/Sale

The Clerk's Department is responsible for all transactions for the purchase or disposal of municipal land. All inquiries are to be submitted to the Clerk's Department in writing which will be forwarded to Council for their review. 

If the sale of land is approved by Council, the applicant will be responsible for all costs associated with the sale and a $6,500.00 deposit will be required prior to the commencement of the disposal process. 

Township Policy: 

This Municipality will not sell road allowances leading to water that the general public have direct access to;

And further that all other unopened road allowances leading to water (e.g. islands, landlocked) will be considered individually as to their value as recreational areas for all ratepayers of the Township of Severn prior to being considered as surplus land.​


Meeting minutes, including Council, Corporate Services, Planning and Development and the Culture & Recreation Advisory Committee are not posted on the website until they have been adopted at the next regular meeting of Council. Should you require a draft copy of a set of minutes please contact info@townshipofsevern.com for further assistance.


Municipal Freedom of Information & Protection of Privacy Act

The Municipal Freedom of Information & Protection of Privacy Act allows the public access to government held information while at the same time protecting personal information and protecting an individual's right of access to their own personal information. A majority of the records of the municipality are considered to be public records and are accessible at all times without proceeding under a "formal request". Such documents include: By-laws, minutes and financial statements for the municipality. If an individual is denied access to any type of document, then a formal request under the Act is acceptable.   All requests for information under the Act must be in writing to the Clerk on the prescribed form and accompanied with a $5.00 application fee. For more information, click on the Ontario Information & Privacy Commission at www.ipc.on.ca


Records Management

Section 253 of the Municipal Act states that, subject to the Municipal Freedom of Information & Protection of Private Act, any person may at all reasonable times inspect any of the records under the control of the Clerk, including:

(a)       By-laws and resolutions of the municipality or its local boards;

(b)       Minutes and proceedings of regular, special or committee meetings of the Council or local board, whether the minutes and proceedings have been adopted or not;

(c)        Records considered at a meeting, except those records considered during that part of a meeting that was closed to the public;

(d)       The records of the Council;

(e)       Statements of remuneration and expenses for Council and local boards.


Under Section 255 of the Municipal Act, a municipality is required to adopt establish

retention periods for their records and for the destruction of records as approved by the

municipal auditor.


The Township of Severn has a very comprehensive Electronic Records Management

Program in order to assist employees and Council with their duties and to provide

access to the records when requested by the public.


Please contact the Clerk’s Department for further information.

Vital Statistics

The Township of Severn is responsible for the permanent retention of all death notices

received for the loss of life within our municipal boundaries. A comprehensive record is

kept in order to preserve these important documents for the future.


Please contact the Clerk’s Department for further information.

Wildlife Damage Program



If you have discovered livestock that has been damaged or killed by a wild animal (eg. wolf), you are entitled to reimbursement for the loss under the Wildlife Damage Program. Call the Clerk at (705) 325-2315 – Ext. 232 within 48 hours of discovering the carcass. An Animal Evaluator will be contacted and requested to attend at your location within 3 days of notification from you.