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Township of Severn

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The Utilities Department, under the direction of the Director of Public Works, is committed to ensure a consistent supply of safe, high quality drinking water, and to maintain and continuously improve its quality management system and to meet all applicable regulations.  The Township of Severn owns and operates the Bass Lake Woodlands, Coldwater, Sandcastle Estates, Severn Estates, Washago and Westshore Water Treatment and Distribution Systems. Key responsibilities of the department include water supply, treatment and distribution operations & maintenance, water meter distribution and customer service. wastewater collection & treatment systems operations & maintenance and regulatory compliance – water and wastewater. 

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Door to Door Water Testing

Public Notice - Water Financial Plan

Call Before you Dig – Water and Sewer Locates 

Should a property owner or contractor require locates for Water and Sewer services in the Township of Severn.  Please call Ontario 1 call.  

In July 2011, the Township of Severn received accreditation to the Ontario Drinking Water Quality Management Standard from the Ministry of Environment.  The Drinking Water Quality Management Standard is a management standard that has been developed specifically for drinking water and is now mandated through the Safe Drinking Water Act.  As required by the 2002 Safe Water Drinking Water Act, below are the Annual Reports on the quality of the drinking water from Municipal Water supply facilities within the corporate boundaries of the Township of Severn. 

Drinking Water Quality Management

Water Conservation 

Water conservation is a reduction in the use, loss, or waste of water or an increase in the efficiency of water use. The filtering, processing, purification, and delivery of water are expensive. It is therefore imperative that everyone do their part to ensure that our water is used wisely.

Lawn Watering

We all want to have a nicely manicured lawn. However, the increase in demand on our system, approximately 40% during the summer months, costs a lot of money for water that is mostly wasted. In the Township of Severn, we do have a bylaw restricting usage from July 1st to Sept. 30th of each year. Watering is restricted to even numbered addresses on even number days, and odd numbered addresses on odd numbered days. The hours are restricted as well. Please contact the Administration Office  for further information. A healthy lawn only requires about 1" of water per week including rainfall. Use a rain gauge to monitor your watering. Or make your own with an empty tub placed in the path of the sprinkler! Follow the following links for further information: 

FAQs about Swabbing Watermains

Sanitary Sewer Do's and Don'ts

Water Conservation and Repair Tips