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Township of Severn

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​Water & Sewer Billing​

Billing Cycle

Residential water and sewer accounts are billed four times per year (every three months).  Due dates are January 31st, April 30th, July 31st and October 31st.  The water system for metered customers utilizes a rate structure with a quarterly base charge as well as a consumption charge for usage over 68m3 per quarter.  The volume charge for sewage is based on the metered volume of water.  Water and sewer rates are passed through a by-law annually.  Please refer to 2019-81 for 2020 rates.

Meters & Consumption

The Township of Severn water meters measure in cubic meters of consumption.  Perform your own audit by checking your taps, toilets and appliances on a regular basis.  Each meter has a flow indicator.  By checking this indicator prior to and following after your usages, can inform you of your costs prior to receiving your billings.  The Township of Severn has also passed a bylaw restricting water usage from July 1st to September 30th.  Please review item 16 of By-law 2006-75. Have a meter reading or concerns, please click here.

Penalty & Late Charges

Unpaid bills are the responsibility of the property owner.  In the event that the bill remains unpaid after the due date, a 5% penalty will be added.  A final notice will be mailed illustrating the new balance and indicate a date in which the amount will be added to the Township of Severn Collectors Roll under the property taxes.  Under Ontario Regulation 518/06 the outstanding utility balance will be deemed as taxes and collected in such manner.  Outstanding balances on property taxes are subject to 1.25% penalty monthly. Any returned or NSF cheques are subject to a $45. fee.


All payments can be made in person at the Township of Severn Administration Office located at 1024 Hurlwood Lane, Orillia Ontario.  Please be advised, we do not accept $100.00 bills or credit cards; cheques, debit and cash denominations of $50.00 and lower are accepted.  You may also make your payments through on-line/telephone or teller banking at any chartered bank.

Payment Plans

The Township offers two types of pre-authorized p​ayment plans​ for water and sewer billings; Due Date withdrawal and Monthly withdrawal plans.  The Due Date plan would withdrawal your account balance on the due date indicated on your quarterly bill.  The Monthly plan would withdrawal 1/3rd of your quarterly base charge on the last business day of each month.  Essentially you will be keeping a credit balance prior to receiving your quarterly bill.  Two thirds of your quarterly base charge will be paid prior to your quarterly billing.  The final third withdrawal will follow on the normal due date for your billing cycle.  Please be advised that any over usage or additional charges will be added to the third withdrawal amount.


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