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Township of Severn

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Planning Documents

 The  documents and policies which guide planning decisions and the specific regulations which govern what can and can't be done on specific properties are contained in the following documents:

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The Planning Act

  •  Provincial legislation which provides the framework for the land use system in Ontario.
  • Requires the Township to have an Official Plan and a Zoning By-law.
  • The Planning Act prescribes when and how information is to be provided to the public and when and how public meetings are  held. It also establishes the appeal process for applicants and residents.
  • The Act also prescribes the time frames for dealing with applications.
  • The Act establishes the processes that integrate into decision-making the consideration of public policy interests as expressed by the Province, the County and the Township.
  • The full Act is available through the Ontario Government website: http://www.ontario.ca/laws/statute/90p13 

Provincial Policy Statement, Growth Plan

Official Plans (County and Township)

  • County and Township Official Plans set local planning goals and objectives that are consistent with provincial policy.
  • Official Plans set the direction on where the various types of  land use can occur – housing, industry, offices, plazas, etc., and the policies governing how they are to be developed.
  • Identifies settlement areas where growth is to be focused and how they are to be serviced.
  • Provides direction on lot creation, preservation of farmland, environmental considerations, etc…
  • The Planning Act requires Official Plans to be reviewed every five years to ensure the document is current, relevant and consistent with Provincial Policy.
  • The County of Simcoe's Official Plan is available through the County's Website.
  • The Township's Official Plan Review is just beginning and updates will be posted to this page.

Master Plans

Zoning By-Law 2010-65

  • Implements the objectives of the Official Plan.
  • It is the legal document that sets out the specific regulations for each property - permitted and prohibited uses, development standards: lot sizes, building sizes, setbacks, parking requirements, etc.
  • Even if a building permit is not required, any structure or land use must comply with the provisions of the Zoning By-law. Frequently asked questions such as what can I use my property for, where can I build a building, what is the height restriction on my building, can I have a boathouse or garage are all things governed through the Zoning By-law.
  • Intended to minimize the potential for conflicting uses on neighbouring properties.
  • Zoning By-law​ 2010-65​ as amended, is available on this page. Simply use the Sch​edules​ to look up your property zone then look at the full text of the zoning by-law for setbacks, parking and uses, including shoreline structures.
  • Unsure based on the schedules which property is yours? You can use a free GIS (mapping) website such as http://maps.simcoe.ca/Public/ administered by the County of Simcoe to assist you with locating a property.

The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing's Citizens Guide to Land Use Planning in the Province of Ontario provides an overview of the planning process in the province and how it affects individuals.